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6th class recently enjoyed a tour of their local environment, which included a talk by Alan Kelly from T-bay Surf Club. After learning a little bit about the environment and the biodiversity around the beach and the back strand, the children were taken on a hike around the sandhills. We were lucky enough to be there on such a glorious day and took a few snaps of our splendid beach!

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Recently 6th class took part in the Waterford section of the boys 5-A-Side soccer competition. There were two parts to this competition, similar to the champions league; a league and then on day two, a knockout stage. On day 1 we played Kilmacthomas A and B teams, GarranBane A nd B teams and Glór na Mara team A and B had to play each other. Luckily for us the weather at the Kingfisher complex was fantastic.

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On Monday the 23rd of April, Andrew Harrington came into our class to talk to us about biodiversity or in more detail he was talking to us about mammals. First he told us his name and where he’s from. He’s from Cork. He told us that he works for the Tramore County Council and for M.I.S.E.: the Mammals in a sustainable environment. And he’s here to talk and tell us about mammals and do a bit of experimenting at the end of it all.

Then Andrew talked to us about the mammals and he showed us pictures of the mammals like the otter, red squirrel, the hare, the fox and the badger. But the bad thing about the badger is it gives TB (tuberculosis) to cows. TB (tuberculosis) is basically a very bad cough. The other things about mammals is that people are mammals and mammals are all warm blooded and they don’t lay eggs except for the platypuses. There are a lot of mammals in Ireland that are not native to Ireland like the grey squirrel which actually comes from America. The chipmunk doesn’t come from Ireland and it’s a very vicious animal and it would bite you.

The Badger - A Native Mammal

After the talk Andrew did an experiment with us but first we had to set the experiment up. We got a white container and put a small bit of peanut butter in each of them. Then we went out the grounds around our school and put them in bushes and in big grass areas. We left the containers until the next day and we were hoping to find that the peanut butter was gone and there were a few droppings from whoever ate the peanut butter.

The next day Andrew came back to us and 6th and 5th class went outside to see what was after happening with their containers. The first two containers we checked (one was from my group) had no dropping but some wee in it and the other one had nothing. Then the next container had droppings it and that was very good and that container is being brought up to a lab to be checked. We will find out what animal left droppings in a few weeks. All the other containers had nothing but peanut butter and slugs in it. So it was an alright result – 1 had droppings one a bit of wee.

M.I.S.E. is a group is monoriting different mammals in Ireland and monitoring mammals that have been absent from Ireland and that are now in Wales some of these absent mammals include weasels, harvest mice, pole cats and dormice. You don’t have to be an expert to work with M.I.S.E. and you don’t need much experience.

Report by Joe, 6th Class

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