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RTÉ 2fm and Barnardos were calling on the entire country to get a little bit silly (and a lot dressed up) by dressing up funny for money. It’s a fantastic opportunity to transform thousands of childrens’ lives in the process.

Glór na Mara joined in to help raise awareness about Barnardos and raise some much-needed funds. I think you’ll agree that we all looked like we had fun!

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Lights, Camera, Action! It was all happening at Glor na Mara today! Conor McNally, Presenter of RTE’s news2day programme, came to visit us to find out about the Dulux Project going on in the school hall. We have chosen a few pictures and we hope you like them….. the programme will be featured on RTE news2day in the next couple of days….watch out for the date here…..

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7th annual Maths Week Ireland, an all island celebration of Mathematics, takes place October 13th to 21st 2012, and we’ve been marking the event in the 6th Class classrooms with some fun maths activities!

One of the challenges on the mathsweek.ie website is targetboards, a great way for children to practise building number sentences in different ways.  We managed to get onto the national leader board on Monday and Tuesday (and we didn’t even use the brackets cheat).

Here's how the Targetboards work


Look out for Glor na Mara

On Wednesday, we had a Maths table quiz, with teams of four competing for glory.  You could hear a pin drop in a room of over 40 children, all anxious to work out their answers without giving anything away to their rivals!   The teams wrangled with tough problems over eight rounds of six questions (with thanks to @seomraranga for the slideshow), and though it was a close run competition, Team SCED proved unbeatable with an impressive score of 45!

Hard at it!


Giving Nothing Away!


And to the Victor the Spoils - well done Team SCED!

I’m quite sure that our champions are far too gracious to gloat, but if they weren’t, here’s what they might be singing….


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We would like to share the great news that our Dulux Project will be covered on the RTE2  news2day programme!  We sent the presenters an email along with a video message from our Committee Secretary, Mairéad Butler. We had a reply within two hours from Conor McNally, Presenter of news2day, who said he was very impressed with our video message and was looking forward to seeing our project. We look forward to welcoming the crew in the next few weeks. Here is the link to the website http://www.rte.ie/trte/news2day/  Don’t forget to check out Mairéad’s video message below…..RTE Mairéad

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One day all the girls from our class went down to the library to meet an author called Judi Curtin. Everyone was excited. We waited for a few minutes until she came out. She told us some funny stories about when she was younger and when she was becoming an author. One was about when she was younger and she loved reading. Her birthday came and she was hoping for books because there weren’t a lot in the house. She came downstairs and there was a parcel on the kitchen table. It didn’t look like books. She opened it. It was a doll. She cut allthe doll’s hair off and hated it because it wasn’t books. She told her mum that she was playing hairdressers and she thought it would grow again! When she was finished talking, some of the girls got their pictures taken with her! Then we all went back to the school.
By Julie C.

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Match Report
Yesterday afternoon we went to Portlaw to play them. The starting line up was:

On goal Jordan.
Full backs Cormac and Jack.
Half backs Cian and Keith.
Midfielders Darren and Michael.
Half forwards John and Dean.
Full forwards Jaime and Shane.
Subs:  Ethan, Stephen and Kyle.
When the match started it was pretty even. It was an end-to-end first half with Jordan pulling off a lot of great saves. After about ten minutes Stephen came on for Shane. Then about two minutes later, Ethan came on for John. Then we gave a couple of points away. Then the ref Mr. Bolger blew up for half time with the score at 1 goal and 3 points to nothing.

The second half saw them get two early goals but then we stepped our game up.  We were on the attack with Jaime who played a ball over the top to Ethan who cut it back, then turned the player and put it over for our first point of the day. Then a couple minutes later John came on for Jack.  Michael chipped the ball in to Ethan who volleyed in first time into the bottom corner. We were all over them with Michael going close. Cian also had a shot just wide. Their keeper had to pull of some decent saves. Portlaw couldn’t wait for the whistle. Then the ref Mr. Bolger blew up for full time. On day the only difference was they took their chances and we didn’t take ours.  We were disappointed because we knew if we took our chances we could have won. But everyone played very well especially Jordan  who was probably our best player. But all in all everyone played fantastic.

By Ethan.

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Busy Fingers, Busy Minds

Since the beginning of the year, both of the 6th Classes have been making good use of our class laptops to dive into the blogosphere!  Using kidblog.org as a secure, child-friendly platform, students have been busily typing, producing book reviews, science write-up, match reports and anything else you can think of.  It gives the kids a great opportunity to engage in purposeful writing about their own interests, encourages them to learn editing skills, provides them with an audience of their peers for their writing and helps them to develop their digital literacy.  All that, and it’s fun too!

Here’s an example of the work the children are producing (well done, Shane!) –


Book Review

Title:   Billionaire Boy.

Author:   David Walliams.

Book Cover

Other Books by this Author:  Mr. Stink, Gansta Granny, The Boy in The Dress.


Plot Summary:

This is a story about Joe Spud, a 12 year old boy who lives with his very rich Dad and has everything he could possibly want, like his own private race track and a 3D IMAX cinema in the basement.  But Joe is not happy because even though he has so many things, there is one thing he longs for that money cannot buy.  Joe believes that if he moves to a new school where nobody knows him he may just find what is is looking for………or will he?


Main Characters:

Joe Spud:  A 12 year old boy who is a billionaire with everything he could ever want, except one special thing.

Bob:  A classmate of Joe’s who gets bullied at school.

Joe’s Dad:  Mr. Spud is a self-made billionaire and inventor of a unique toilet roll.

The Grubbs:  Twin bother and sister who are the school bullies and take pleasure in making life a misery for others.

Raj:  Owner of the local corner shop with special offers on expired goods.


Opinion Section:

I liked this book because it made me laugh and was very funny yet sometimes sad in places.  I really liked the part where Joe and Raj race to the Raj Mobile.  I also found the list of school lessons and teachers’ nicknames quite funny.  I would recommend reading this book.


Star Rating:   3.5 stars

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1st class walked down Main Street and visited Tramore library.

Tracey read us a story about teachers and she also gave us lollipops!

We had a look around, and then chose a book which we were able to borrow. Now we have even more books in our classroom library!

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We celebrated Déise Day! Children came to school dressed in their county colours of blue and white.

Ms. Hearne invited some of her Waterford team mates to school following their win of the All Ireland Premier Junior Camogie title! Na Déise abú!

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Today we welcomed local artists, Ruth Flynn and Pat McArdle to our school. Ruth and Pat came to school to collect the children’s drawings and they were very pleased with the designs submitted. The committee had plenty of questions to ask Ruth and Pat and  over the next few days they will be putting a few examples up  on the blog……..so, watch this space!

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We are delighted to announce that our school has been awarded a share in the 30,000 litres of paint that will be donated by Dulux to worthy projects throughout the country. In May, we applied to the “Lets Colour Project 2012” for some paint to bring life and colour back into our old school hall, St. Josephs Hall. We were awarded 150 litres of paint! The children have been busy already, drawing some ideas and designs for the theme of the hall and we will be passing these onto the Artists in a few days. We hope you enjoy following the progress of our project and we look forward to receiving any comments you might wish to make.