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Ms. Dineen’s class travelled into Waterford city for the Winterval Christmas festival.

We went to the Toy Museum in the Theatre Royal, and saw a baby reindeer in the Animal Farm. We visited a working Viking settlement and listened to storytelling in Reginald’s Tower. We had great fun on the horses on the Christmas Carousel. We got tickets and went on the road train through the streets.

It was a busy day and we really enjoyed ourselves! Have a look at our photos below!

All together, in the Theatre Royal!


Playing games in the Toy Museum!


At the Carousel!


At the Viking settlement!


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During Science Week we did bubble painting. It was great fun.  It was really colorful. Bubbles went everywhere!  We blew through straws to make loads of bubbles come out.

We learned a lot about the Egyptians too.  We had to carve Egyptian symbols in clay. We carved our names in hieroglyphics. The clay was kind of bouncy!  In the clay I carved a type of eye and I moulded a pyramid. I carved my name in hieroglyphics.

Blaze & Julie.