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Boys and girls from 4th Class recently took part in the FAI Futsal Indoor Soccer Tournament at Kingfisher in Waterford. They played their hearts out and had a great time. The behaviour and sportsmanship was a credit to all.

To find out more about Futsal in Ireland visit http://www.soccer-ireland.com/futsal-ireland.htm

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Before Christmas, our class set out to become entrepreneurs, in the chocolate making industry. We faced many tasks including, choosing name, creating an advertising campaign, and finally making them!

Our very first task was doing within our group a taste test. We were given samples of possible chocolate bar contents, some were, marshmallows, different chocolate types, Smarties and lots more! We then decided what our bars would have in them, a really hard task for most. Next task was choosing a name for our very unique chocolate bars. The names were, “Hurricane”, “Chewy Choc Chip”, “Chocy Chocy Jumbo” and “Chocy Champ”. Within every group, a “pm” – project manager- was appointed, their job was to organise the group and to sign off on everything the group did. After that, we researched some adverts, so as to get some ideas for our adverts.

While all this was going on, the big presenting day was edging closer.

After all that, it was all systems GO, GO, GO! We started to prepare for the big day, creating adverts, writing pitches and making our PowerPoint presentations. We were to have ten to fifteen minutes to pitch our bar to the formidable panel of judges.

Before the presentation day, each group (two at a time), went up to the staff-room to make the bars. For some groups it went well, but for one particular group, it all went wrong. Anyway, everyone had a good time making tasty chocolate. We left the school, hoping, and praying that while our chocolate was cooling, it would taste all right the next morning.

That morning, all of us were anxiously waiting for the judges to come down. Our judges from sixth class, (drum roll please)……………


(all Mr O’ Cathasaigh’s Sixth Class). They were a formidable few.

After about three quarters of an hour, a time of PowerPoint presentations, pitches, comments and a whole lot of giggles! The judges went outside for a few minutes to decide the winner. After a few weeks of preparing, weeks of deciding, we were about to discover the winners, of “Junior Apprentice 2012” were………………… CHOCY CHAMP! Well watch out Bill Cullen, 5th Class are coming after you!

By Mairéad Butler

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Today we celebrated our 100th day in school this year! 2nd Class took part in lots of activities to celebrate 100 days. Have a look at our photos to see some of the things we had fun doing with 100!

  • We made necklaces using 100 beads
  • We made a lego creation using 100 blocks
  • We counted 100c using 1c coins
  • We painted 100 dots on a page (10 dots of 10 colours)
  • We picked what we would like to buy from a toy catalogue for €100! We had great fun doing this!