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The Stride for Spraoi is taking place this year to celebrate the Spraoi Festival’s 21st year.  121 hikers will cross the Comeraghs on the summer solstice, climbing to the highest point in Co. Waterford along the way.


All together, along with our new Green Flag!

A few classes in Glór na Mara were asked to design some of the flags that the hikers will carry with them.  We decided that we would focus on our local place as our theme. We needed to use acrylic paints so that the flags would be waterproof.  We’re really happy with the final results!

Ms. Phelan’s Class


They did two, actually!


Ms. McCarthy’s Class
Our one – very proud 🙂
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6th class has been going cycling training with Dermot and Finbar in the school yard. We paid 3 euro per lesson every Friday for 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks we practised in the yard and Dermot and Finbar put up ramps and held up a limbo stick for us.  We also used a see-saw to help us keep our balance. Dermot held up signs with pictures on them, when we had to go around pretend cars or potholes.

Training on the Yard

We practised and learned skills like indicating, safety on roads, how to check our bikes (the M check), looking back and going around cars.  Some of us didn’t know what leg and arm to use but Dermot taught us.  The course went on for 3 weeks and for finishing the course we got to go on a long trip.


We started at the school; we cycled down to the Guillimene. We saw a wide range of sights; we saw the sea, the church and the houses around Tramore. When we got to the Guillimene we took a stop and sat down, we took a few pictures and had a look around. After looking around we went into the forest, there were beautiful flowers, trees and plants.  In the forest it was hard to cycle because of the rough ground but it was fun. When we came out we went onto the road.  It was steep and a challenge to cycle up but we got there.  We stopped for a little bit and had a sip of water, and then we were off again.  It was downhill from there. We came out beside the golf course and headed downwards.  As people passed we shouted ”BEEP” to make them beep their horn; it was a good laugh.  We then cycled over to the roundabout over by the school; it was hard because our legs were tired from the long and challenging cycle.  After the roundabout we were nearly done. We were hoping that we would be having another cycling trip. Then our teacher told us we were going to Carrigavantry Lake. Finally we were back at the school. The whole trip took 1 hour and 30 minutes. In the whole experience we learned hand signals, to look back, how to turn, and lots more.  We practised our hand signals on the trip and looking back over your shoulder. The most enjoyable thing in my opinion is the whole experience and seeing Tramore from a different point of view. We’re looking forward to Carrigavantry Lake because we will get to see different sights and we’ll get to have fun.

Taking a Break by the Guillimene

Doing our 'Metal Man' pose

by Lauren, Lauren, Vanessa and Jessica.

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The Schools of Excellence Awards is an initiative of WIT’s School of Education in conjunction with the Waterford, Wexford and Kilkenny Education Centres.  The aims of the School of Excellence Award are to:

– Promote and recognise schools committed to excellence in the region

– Promote reflective practice amongst teachers and schools

– Strengthen links between schools in the region and WIT’s School of Education and Professional Development

– Create a network of teachers in the region who are committed to their ongoing CPD

– Celebrate their success.

The awards have been running since 2011, and each year they focus in on a particular aspect of education within the participating schools.  The focus in 2012/2013 was Problem Solving in Maths.  This was an area our school had been focusing in on in our own planning, so we decided to participate in the program.

A number of staff attended the evening lectures hosted in Waterford Teachers’ Centre over a number of months.  The coursework dealt with the importance of making problem solving a real activity for children, drawing the distinction between word sums and authentic problems.  We were encouraged to look for opportunities to see with our “Maths Eyes”, to find a real-world basis for the problems we were setting for the students.  Thinking this way, we began thinking of ways to use problem solving to teach content, rather than it just being the last page add-on in the chapter of the textbook.

Soon, the whole school was involved, and we began building towards a Problem Solving Week.  Taking inspiration from the beach, the teachers designed a range of problems that would be ‘low threshold, high ceiling’ and enable the children to engage in real-world active learning through their Maths curriculum.  The school was abuzz with activity – check out the videos!

Problem Solving in the Pirates’ Den

Stills Movie, 3rd to 5th

Problem Solving in 5th and 6th

Plenty of work took place behind the scenes then to bring all the work together and get it ready for presentation for the awards ceremony in WIT.  Work from all over the southeast region was on display in the college, and we were proud to be one of the schools represented.  And the pay-off for all the hard work?

SEA Certificate