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It’s Maths Week! This week we will try some Maths games on the computer for homework.

Monday: www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/games/jetski/jetski.html

Tuesday: www.ictgames.com/sharkNumbers_v2.html

Wednesday: www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/games/spookyseq/spookyseq2.html

Thursday: www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/games/alien/alien.html

You might need to copy and paste the link into a new window if the it doesn’t work. Enjoy!

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I wrote this to tell you about our science/art bridges. Let us first start with the three paper bridges. What we had to do was go in groups of 2 and make a bridge with only 3 pieces of paper and our book bundle.  So what Boris (my teammate) and I did was put our bundles 15cm away from each other.  That’s kind of what everyone had to do.  Anyway what we did was try and make a triangle with 2 pieces of paper and put it underneath our rectangular paper.  When Mr. Ó Cathasaigh tried to test it didn’t work. It was an epic fail.

But we didn’t give up yet.  Our other idea was to put a square underneath our rectangular page.  When our teacher came to test it we were pretty sure it was going to work, AND IT DID.  That was just a teaching trick to get us into making the bridges.

Then it came.

The day when we had to make/design our own bridges.  The teacher put us into groups of three:  Rachel, Jade and I were together. We were thinking of making a rope bridge.  So we planned out of what we were going to do.  Then the teacher told us to go and carry on with the bridge we were making.  So we started by taking newspaper and folding them, like a roll.  Then we took some tape to stop the newspaper roll from falling into how it was before we rolled it.  Then we took tape and some red wire.  We put the red wire around the bridge and taped it.  But the problem was it just couldn’t stay.  So we tried to tape it to the table.  But the teacher said that we should put it on a basket so that it wouldn’t be hard to get the tape off the table.  So it was kind of like starting all over again.  But we didn’t have time and our bridge was a big mess.

When the next day came we made it better.  We tied knots around the edges and we even made 4 rolls instead of 2.  We put wood on top of the bridge where the 2 wires are.  We also put straw to fill in the gaps.  We were finished really fast.  All we had to do was paint the bridge.  We started the painting but we haven’t finished it.  It was all because of teamwork.

Thanks for reading.

God bless you.

(Thanks to Luwanda for providing the write-up! – MÓC)