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Ciara came in to do art with us .She told us about her pictures about a cow and how she drew it and how to mix colours.
Then we did our paintings. We used the primary colours in our paintings. Stephen did a chicken and Alexis did a tree.
– Alexis and Stephen.

Our class loves art so we decided to bring in an artist. Her name is Ciara.
We got to paint whatever we wanted. Some people did chickens, cows and trees.
We had great fun with Ciara!

One day Ciara come to teach us about art and then she told us about how to mix and sketch. Then we got to paint and we got to use black and white and primary colours. Me and Niamh done a dog and the colours of the dog was brown and Daniel’s was black.
It was very fun with Ciara and she came to our table and told us how to mix colours and we done lots of art.
– Daniel & Niamh

We did art with Ciara and I did a picture. It was cool (Becky). And I done a car and it was asum. It was unreal (Leo).
– Becky & Leo

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At school we made comic strips and it was fun but it took a long time but we finaly got it done. Ben’s comic strip was about a volcano erupting rainbows.
Craig’s was about when the U.S Millitary found a new planet with mutant monkey’s and the U.S Millitary try to take it over. They call for backup and jet somehow gets into space and bombs the new planets. Devin’s was about an evil duck mastermind that wanted to take over the world.
– Ben, Craig & Devin

Alexis 1 Alexis 2

Aoife 1 Aoife 2

Becky 1 Becky 2

Ben 1 Ben 2

Cian 1 Cian 2

Last week we made comic strips. We could choose to do what we liked. Crystal wrote about lunch boxes, and Sean wrote about a man eating football, and Laurie wrote about a super hero baby. Ms.Dreelan thought they were so good so she sent us to different classes. The other classes thought they were brilliant. They are hung up on our classroom wall some names of the comics are crazy da da bang bang xxx the navy seals attack the russiuns.We had such good fun.
– Crystal, Laurie & Sean

Craig 1 Craig 2

Crystal 1 Crystal 2

Daniel 1 Daniel 2

David 1 David 2

Devin 1 Devin 2

Hello were making comic strips . Comic strips are fun to make . They can be comedy ,serious or something else . Its not that hard to make . You get 2 pages 1 title page 1 page or story. It took 2 weeks to make. Colouring, drawing, writing and thinking of ideas .First you make a title page then you colour it .

Ella wrote about 2 super girls that find themselves lost from themselves once again .Jake wrote about a man called Jack that has an unexpected time when he trys to make toast.Oskar wrote about the navi seals attack the Rossins with A4 pages.
And thats how you make a comic with 2 peaces of paper . And that is all. Thank you for reading our way to make comic strips……………
We like making comic strips they were so fun to make ……….You might like them too…
By; Ella, Oskar and Jake

Ella 1 Ella 2

Emma 1 Emma 2

Jake 1 Jake 2

Jessica 1 Jessica 2

Kahla 1 Kahla 2

On our second week of school we started to make comic strips.
It took us two weeks to finish making them. But eventually we finished them.
For starting we wrote ideas in our freewriting copy’s. Then we wrote our actual comic on a sheet that teacher gave us. When we were finished our writing we went over it in black. Then drew them and coloured them.

– Jessica, Rory and Roisin

Khadijat 1 Khadijat 2

Laurie 1 Laurie 2

Leo 1 Leo 2

Luke 1 Luke 2

Naomi 1 Naomi 2

A few weeks ago we made comic book strips we got two sheets one for are comic and one for the title page.
My comic was about a random story (Tadhg). And mine is about a girl that didn’t know she was a super hero (Emma).
_ Tadhg & Emma

Niamh 1 Niamh 2

Oskar 1 Oskar 2

Rhys 1 Rhys 2

Roisin 1 Roisin 2

Rory 2 Rory 1

Ryan 1 Ryan 2

Sean 1 Sean 2

Stephen 1 Stephen 2

Tadhg 1 Tadhg 2