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The children visited the library and had a wonderful day.  A big thank you to all who made us feel so welcome.


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Following their recent success in winning the Eastern Football Semi-Final, Glór na Mara u-13 boys take on Ballyduff Upper National School in the county final this Friday 14/11/14. The match will take place in Walsh Park at 1pm. Best of luck to Mr. O’Sullivan and all the boys involved!

Also, best of luck to both the boys and girls taking part in the INTO Mini Sevens competitions this week. The boys will play their blitz in Tramore GAA tomorrow Tuesday 10th November at 12pm. The girls will aim to build on their recent Eastern Final victory when they take part in their blitz on Wednesday 11th November at 1pm in Tramore GAA pitch.

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Today we went across the road to visit Ms. Power’s Senior Infants and we read them our stories!

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What an exciting time it has been in Glór na Mara over the past number of weeks! Following a sucessful league campaign, Glór na Mara U-13 boys’ gaelic football team traveled to Walsh Park on Tuesday 21st October to play in the Eastern Final. Their opponents were Butlerstown, a formidable outfit. It was certainly a game of two halves, with Glór na Mara failing to score in the first half. However the boys put in a determined display in the second half, outscoring Butlerstown and holding firm to win on a scoreline of 3-0 to 2-1. There were great scenes of excitement as the final whistle blew. Jack Brennan accepted the cup on behalf of the team. Well done to all involved!



The girls’ gaelic football team traveled to Walsh Park the next day, having been there the previous day supporting and cheering on their friends and classmates in the boys’ final. The girls were facing a strong Seafield/Knockmahon team, who opened the scoring and went into half time in the lead. However, the hard work, determination, skill and teamwork produced by the team in the second half ensured they ran out winners on a scoreline of 4-1 to 2-1. Joint captains Halimat Taiwo and Holy Ahern accepted the trophy on behalf of the team, to the loud cheers of all the great supporters who were there present.


Wednesday 22nd October 2014 will surely go down in Glór na Mara history as the girls, in winning their final, meant Glór na Mara recorded this historic double victory!


This display was a result of the hard work, effort and commitment the girls have put in at training sessions since September. We are delighted this year to have over 30 girls playing gaelic football. Although not everyone could play in the final, the whole panel have represented the school in many different matches this year. Well done to all involved!

The U-1o boys participated strongly in a number of Go Games Blitzes. The boys represented the school extremely well and can be very proud of their efforts.

Training continues on Tuesday and Thursday at 2:45pm in Tramore GAA pitch.

Huge thanks to Michael and his team in Tramore GAA Club for setting up the pitches and for the use of the club’s excellent facilities.

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One day we did a project on big cats. We did snow leopards,leopards,tigers,lions and jaguars.

We got an A3 page for each table. We got lots of matereals from a big box.

Everyone put alot of effart into them. All of us got to draw our big cats.

We got to write some facts. After we were finished our project we put them on our classroom wall.

They looked very nice indeed.

– BY KAHLA & DAVID!!!!!!

Last week we did a science project . On big cats in our group we did a jaguar. A jaguars markings are called rossets. And also a jaguar can have up to 4 cubs. A jaguar feeds on tapiars deer fish and tutels. A jaguars name comes from a native American word wich means the one who kills in one leap

– by Ryan and Laurie

Last Friday we did in our groups a project on big cats we chose Jaguar.

Craig had to get loads of scrap paper and then we took turns sticking on our facts about the Jaguar.Jessica’s fact was there markings are called rosettes and Craig’s was how a Jaguar can have up to 4 cubs at a time.It’s name comes from the native American word “yaguar” means he who kills with one leap.

– by Jessica & Craig


There is two types of leopards the snow leopards and the normal leopard. The cheetah is the fastest mammal on earth. Lions can be found in Africa most of the time.


LAST WEEK WE MADE projects about big cats. We did a lion. We used blue paper for the sky and gold paper for the lion.

We all had to do facts. Then we showed the class and they LIKED IT.WE DIZIGHNED THE FACTS AND WROTE OUR NAMES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

We made projects about different BIG CATS!!!

We did ours about a LION!!! We did them in groups. OUR ONE WAS THE BEST!!!(not) The other tables did a jaguar ,tiger ,snow leopard & cheetahs. Everyone hated ours (true) So then we ate our lunch.

– by Roisin & Rory & Hamster on a piano


One day we learned about big cats and we did a prajet and it was about lions and we draw a lions and we showed the class and the master spoke first and he said some facts abouted it and it was fun and the other table and the other table done a snow lepard and tigers and it was done it was the best [not] they said they loved it [not] everyone said I hate it I looooooved it hate it the n not end it is the end ok your is thanks for saying its bad [not]

– by Daniel & Niamh