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Hurling and camogie training will begin this Thursday 26th February in Tramore GAA pitch. Training will take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 2.45pm to 3.45pm. All are welcome and equipment provided.

The boys will compete in the INTO Mini 7’s Blitz next Tuesday 3rd March in Tramore GAA (weather permitting) while the girls will also compete in their respective INTO Mini 7’s Blitz on Wednesday 4th March at 12pm in Tramore GAA.

Many thanks to Tramore GAA club for the use of their fantastic AstroTurf and pitch facilities.

Best of luck to all involved!

Rang 5 organised a Team Building Challenge course in the yard to celebrate Friendship Week. After careful planning, they set up eight different stations in the yard. Each station had a different challenge which required the children to work as a team, co-operate and communicate. The children from Rang 2 -Rang 6 had a great time and really put in a huge effort to work as a team. Well done to Rang 5 for doing a fantastic job explaining each activity and encouraging all classes to work as a team.

Rang 2 agus 3
















Rang 4




















Rang 6

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We did a colour study in Art this week looking at different shades of pink and red. It was great fun mixing paint to make different shades of pink. We hope you like our paintings… Each heart is unique and different!


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What kind of ship can never sink?

We’ve been celebrating Friendship Week in Rang 1.  Here are some of the things we have been getting up to:

We buddied up with kids from Ms. O’Riordan’s Junior Infants.  We played on their yard with them at breaktime.  We made Polydrons with them, we did floor jigsaws with them, we did shared reading with them and built blocks with them.  Tomorrow, we can bring a toy to play with them.  We painted a huge ‘Friendship’ with them and stuck on pictures of us with our buddies.

Reading with our Buddies

We did some other things as well.  We picked out Secret Buddies from a tin – someone in our class.  We have to be nice to them, but we can’t tell them that they’re our Secret Buddy.  Tomorrow, we’ll have three guesses to see who our Secret Buddy was.

We’re learning a song as well – it’s called ‘You’ve got a Friend’ and it was written by Carol King.

Tomorrow, the teachers are playing ‘Mister and Missus’ – Mr.Ó Cathasaigh has to answer questions about Ms. McCarthy to see how much he knows about her.  He’s scared 😛

Alana says:  “I like my buddy.  Her name is Róisín.”
Ellen says:  “Friendship Week was fun!”
Joe says:  “My buddy’s name is Daniel – he’s good at reading!”
Darragh says:  “It was sooo fantastic!”

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Glór na Mara held a No Waste Day today throughout the school to encourage students, parents and teachers to think about the amount of packaging and waste in our lunches. Ms. Hearne’s 5th Class led the campaign during the week prior to No Waste Day and there were fantastic results throughout the school. Below 5th class students explain what they did to prepare for the event and why reducing waste is important for our environment. They also reflect on today’s success and the efforts of all the classes.

image (2)

No Waste Day Preparation

When we were preparing for no waste day our class (fifth class) were weighing the bin every day of the week to see how much rubbish we were using for our lunch. When the bin was empty it was 900g. On Monday the bin weighed 3.8kg that was our worst day. For the rest of the week the bin weighed 2kg.

Our class were trying to encourage other classes to bring in no waste. We were going around to other classes with a banner and telling them about no waste day. We are cutting down on our waste because if you bring in your waste it is bad for the environment and the World. If we stop polluting we can stop natural disasters. What we are saying is that we don’t want you to just bring no waste on No Waste Day but every day. Remember We Can Make a Difference.

By Oriana, Rory and Sakina.

image (1)
Today we held No Waste Day. It was such fun. We went around the school today and all the students made a huge effort in participating in our event. We went around and looked at their lunches. We didn’t see any packaged materials and we were so proud of everyone. They all brought tubs to put their lunches in and used reusable bottles.

No Waste Day was for the Our World Irish Aid project to help the world stop littering. We recorded the weight of our bin and we tried to cut down on our waste.  It was a wonderful experience to see everyone making a huge effort in our event that we held today.

If we can do this today we can do this every day of the year. This is caring for our world and the environment. We would like to thank everyone who participated in No Waste Day.  Cutting down on our waste is better for the environment. It is caring for our world and just remember…


By Aimee Rafter and Aoife Gaffey 5th class Ms.Hearne


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20150211_102753   image (5)








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On Monday our class (Ms Hearne’s 5th class) were busy making crosses for St.Brigid’s day. Lá Fhéile Bríde is celebrated every year on the 1st February.

20150202_134129St. Brigid was a very generous and religious person unlike her father who was very selfish. He kept Brigid and his wife as slaves. One day somebody called Brigid because a pagan chief was very sick. When Brigid got to the house the man had a very high temperature and couldn’t understand what she was saying. So Brigid made the cross and she explained to him what the cross was for. The top was for the name of the father, the bottom was for the son and the two sides were for the Holy Spirit.


To make the St. Brigid’s crosses we used rushes that came from Kilfarrassy. It was very hard at the start but then we got the hang of it.  We really enjoyed it, it was great fun.

By Emma and Oriana

5th Class




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Today we learned how to make St. Brigid’s Crosses. Mr Ó Cathasaigh brought in reeds for us and Ms. Dineen showed us how to make the cross. We made our own using pipe cleaners. They were tricky to make but we helped each other and here is how they turned out: