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We had lots of fun making Easter hats in 1st Class today! First we coloured in some Easter Eggs to stick onto our hats and then we used coloured tissue paper to decorate them. Some people scrunched the paper and others used the paper to make ribbons and bows. We finished them off with some little fluffy chicks. It was great fun and very sticky work. We made a huge mess but everybody helped to tidy up the classroom afterwards! Happy Easter! 



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Both 1st Classes joined forces in searching the school grounds for signs of Spring. We brought the iPads with us and took some great photos of sticky buds, young leaves, spring flowers and amazing vegetables growing in the school garden. Both classes have been sharing on Twitter, tweeting Spring pictures and observations with the hashtag #antEarrach, taking part in the national “Signs of Spring” project. 

Mr. Ó Cathasaigh showed us buds on different trees and we took a Horse Chestnut bud and a Sycamore bud back to the classroom with us. He suggested that we have a “Bud Race” and see which bud would open first when left in water on the window sill! We waited two weeks and finally saw some changes! The sycamore won! We tweeted about this and couldn’t believe it when “BBC Springwatch” favourited our tweet! 

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Search for #antEarrach to see what signs of Spring have been found by schools all over Ireland. 



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Here in fourth class we decided to recreate an ancient market and have our own barter day. Everyone made something unique to barter with for other goods. We had lots of cakes, brown bread, pictures, candles and even jewellery to barter with. In general we swapped one item for another but when it came to the coveted hot chocolate or jewellery the prices were raised to two items! We also invited Ms. Dalton and Ms. Martina into our market. Ms. Dalton settled on a slice of chocolate biscuit cake from Devin while Ms. Martina bought a custom made ring from Kahla. Everyone really enjoyed the day.


In history we were learning about shops and fairs.

Instead of trading for money, the traders bartered with each other.

They traded goods for other things like food, fabric and so on.

We had our own Barter day in school. I made chocolate chip scones and

Jam tarts. My teammates were Emma and Alexis . Emma made

brown  bread and Alexis made cupcakes. We had a fantastic day.

By Ella Ryan.




































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On the 11th of March, St. Joseph’s Hall came alive with colour and energy as 5th class held their “Caring for Our World Open Day”.
Over the last number of weeks, 5th class has been bringing the world to their classroom through their participation in the Our World Irish Aid Awards. They studied about the 9 partner countries that Irish Aid are helping. They focused in particular on Millennium Development Goal 7, Ensure Environmental Sustainability. They looked at this from both a global and a local perspective…how our actions affect people in developing countries.
MDG group
There were 15 stands which were run by the students and which outlined all of the campaigns they had organised and what they had learned throughout their project. All of the other classes had the opportunity to visit each stall and learn more about what Irish Aid are doing and also what they could do to protect the environment for future generations.
No Waste Day Group
5th Class ran a No Waste Day campaign (which is still ongoing) for staff and pupils which has seen a marked reduction in the amount of waste in lunches.
Grow it Yourself
They learned about Food miles and began growing their own tomatoes in class, as well as helping in the school garden.
In conjunction with the other 5th class, they organised a Walk to School Wednesday competition throughout the school.
Anti-Litter Animations
Junior Classes enjoy Litter Animations
They created clay movie animations with an artist from Waterford County Council to highlight the anti-litter message in a fun and interesting way. They invited classes from Junior Infants to First Class to view all the animations on the Interactive Whiteboard.
Parents visit Open Day
It was such an fantastic experience sharing the knowledge with the other children throughout the school, members of the community including the Mayor and their parents.
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For the first time in many years, Glór na Mara qualified for the Eastern Regional Mini 7’s Finals. The girls gave a fantastic account of themselves, narrowly losing two of their matches and drawing one match against very formidable opposition in Portlaw, St. Saviour’s and Ballygunner. They worked extremely hard, played well as a team and were sporting thoughout.



They now prepare for the Cumann na mBunscol League which will take place after Easter. Well done girls!

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Junior infants have been very busy taking part in some lovely Aistear activities. This week they have worked on the theme of Transport. They built vehicles from “polydrons”, used their imaginations and went on holidays to some very exotic locations, made lists of the items they would need to pack for holidays and also made some passports.

Some other themes we have used over the past few months are, Space, Our Homes, Under the Sea and The Farm.

Junior infants enjoyed a “Pancake Party” just before mid term break. They brought home invitations for their teddy bears. We had a lovely time eating pancakes and playing with teddies. A lovely way to end “Friendship Week”. Friendship week took place on the 9th to the 13th of February. During this week junior infants buddied up with 1st class. They enjoyed the following activities together, buddy reading, floor jigsaws, painting and a shared yard day. It was lovely to make new friends.

Junior Infants are trying very hard to bring in “No Waste” lunches. We are learning about why it is important to cut down on the amount of waste, like plastic bags and containers, that we use each day. Children from 5th class are helping us.

Junior infants went on a Spring walk around the grounds of Glór na Mara. We searched for signs of Spring.

The Junior Infants enjoyed doing some Science Experiments with the help of some children from Second Class.









































IMG_1144 (1)

















































































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On Friday 6th of March, our 5th and 6th class boys travelled to De Le Salle College to play their basketball finals. Both teams, previous to this day, played many matches against local schools which they won and earned their place in the final. Fifth class had to compete in a three way final. They played two fantastic matches, winning the first and drawing in the second. It was very close and in the end it came down to the amount of points scored.  Glór na Mara came second overall, losing out to first place by one basket but they were very pleased to receive their runners-up medals knowing they had played great basketball and never gave up. Next 6th class took to the court and played a very exciting match against Christchurch. It was so close from start to finish and when the final whistle blew, the scores were equal so extra time was played. On the third attempt of extra time Christchurch succeeded in scoring which was disappointing for Glór na Mara but they had put up a great fight throughout and they were happy to receive their medals also.

DSC_0297 (1)
















Next it was the girls turn!! We had two teams travelling to the Mercy School in Waterford city to play their matches on Wednesday 11th March. It was an eventful day as both teams had to play several matches against schools throughout Waterford city and county. Again through sheer determination and great basketball both teams reached the semi-final. Unfortunately though, only one Glór na Mara team could reach the final as both our teams had to play against each other. Again they all displayed great team work and skill and played a wonderful game of basketball.  It was the 6th class team who came out on top and reached the final against Gaelscoil Phortláirge Disappointingly Gaelscoil Phortláirge won the match but our girls held their heads high as they knew they had put in 100%.

DSC_0298 (2)
























As always all the children involved, both at training and at matches, showed great team work, dedication and commitment throughout the year. We are very proud of them all and we are looking forward to many more years of basketball success in Glór na Mara.






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Last Friday we had a fruit and vegetable tasting time. I thought it was really tasty. Everything was so colourful. Guess what I tasted?

I tasted and tried everything! I tried plums, bananas, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, mango, raspberries and cucumber.

I also tasted grapes. I liked them and the blackberries. They were juicy and nice.

Guess what I didn’t like? I didn’t really like the tomatoes. They were too juicy and I didn’t like the taste.

However I really liked the red, yellow and green peppers. They looked an interesting shape. They were juicy and colourful. I liked the green, crunchy, fresh peppers.I liked the crunchy carrots! You can put carrots in soup. My Mum makes lovely soup!

My small brother likes oranges but I don’t really them. My mum likes apples. I like apples when they are peeled!

I would like to have another tasting day.  By Charlie Forsey











Fruit Tasting

Last Friday we tasted lots of fruit and vegetables. The teachers cut up the fruit and vegetables into small pieces. We all had a piece. My favourite foods were the carrots and the grapes. It was good fun.

By Lee Vereker



















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World Book Day!

World Book Day is a big event across the country to encourage children to read books more often. I love reading and I have about seven books beside my bed. My favourite book  is Tracy Beaker by Jaqueline Wilson, she’s my favourite author.

Yesterday my teacher told us that we could dress  up for world book day. As the day went on I got really worried about what I should wear because my friend sent me a text to tell me  what she was wearing and it sounded pretty cool. She was dressing up as the Cat in the Hat. When I finished my homework I started looking at some books to decide what I should be.  My mom suggested Goldilocks. I finally had something to wear!

Today I look pretty cool in my costume and at twelve o’clock everyone in the school will have DEAR time. This stands for “Drop Everything and Read”  I am having a great time today and I hope we’ll get to do it again next year.  The end!

By Eloise Whittle.  3rd Class.
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Glór na Mara participated in the INTO Camogie Mini 7’s in Tramore GAA pitch today, Wednesday 4th March. Played in glorious spring sunshine, the girls took on Holy Cross in their first match. It was a tight game but Glór na Mara emerged victorious following a hardworking performance and fantastic team work. Next the girls were up against Gaelscoil Philib Barún. Again, this was another very close contest with Glór na Mara coming out on top with a goal to spare.




The girls’ hardwork, determination and team work was really on display and for the first time in many years Glór na Mara will represent the Tramore schools in the INTO Camogie Mini 7’s Waterford Regional Final. This will take place next Tuesday 10th March (venue to be confirmed).



Well done to all involved and best of luck in the final!



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The two First Classes in Glór na Mara N.S. made the Grandparents Project the big focus of their history work in January.  They spent the month researching, finding out about what their grandparents did when they were young, how they played and learned and how our towns and the world around us has changed since that time.  They got great help from our Fifth Classes in rewriting and presenting their research, and each project featured a big family tree as well.

To celebrate the projects and all the work done by the children, grandparents were invited to come into the school for Grandparents’ Day, 28th January.  There was a great turnout, and parents, grandparents and children alike enjoyed viewing the finished as well as some of the school’s old roll books and desks.  It was an extremely rewarding project, one hugely enjoyed by the children and (we hope) grandparents alike!
Conor Cuileann Desk Eamon
Grandparents Old Desk


Ms. Halley’s senior infants and Mr. O’Sullivan’s 5th class have created a great partnership this year by ‘Buddy Reading’ together. All the boys and girls from both classes really enjoy every time they meet for buddy reading. Well done to 5th class for being so responsible and helpful to your buddies and also well done to all the senior infants for concentrating so hard on their new words and reading all those exciting books! IMG_1128 IMG_1129 IMG_1130 IMG_1131 IMG_1118 IMG_1119 IMG_1121 IMG_1122 IMG_1123 IMG_1124 IMG_1125 IMG_1126 IMG_1127

Well done to all the boys involved today in the Mini-7’s Hurling blitz which was played in windy conditions at Tramore G.A.A. All the boys involved put in a great display against tough opposition. New-PictureThe boys ran Scoil Lorcáin very close and were unlucky not to win. Some brilliantly taken goals and points by the forwards and tough and hardworking defense was on display. The other schools involved were Holycross, Gaelscoil Trá Mhór and Scoil Lorcáin.