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Our school entered in the Irish Aid Awards. On Thursday the 21/5/15 we went to Cork city for the Irish Aid Our World Awards regional finals. Our project was called Caring for Our World.

Our class hosted an open day for the school to spread our message that we can make a difference to protect our environment. To do the open day we got into groups and picked one of the nine developing countries we wanted to work on and people came to see each country.

We also held a No Waste Day and a No Waste Day is when we urge students to bring in less waste. Loads of important visitors came too like RTE, the mayor, the GIY group, Agnes Alyward from Tramore Japanese Garden, Ella Hennessy from Waterford County Council and Anne Cheasty fromTramore Tidy Towns.

So for the regional finals we had to make an exhibition board to show what we had done for our entry. When we got to Cork we brought our board up to the art museum. Then we were called up on stage to collect our plaque and then we were taught a song and the song was in Swahili because it was from Tanzania.  Afterwards we got called and they said we were going to the Irish Aid Our World National Final! So we are now in the top 12 schools in Ireland. The finals are in Dublin castle on the 16/6/15. Then we met a man named Seleame and he told us what life was like living in Africa. He was really proud of the schools and he said it made a big difference. We got our pictures taken with him too.

Before we had to go we were interviewed and asked what advice would you give to people who would want to enter next year? Then we were asked what have you learned about the MDG’s? Then we were asked what was the most fun part about doing your project? .When we were being interviewed we felt very nervous and we thought the questions were hard to answer. But overall it was a great experience and we would love to do it again!

By Orla, Evan and Grace

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Glór na Mara attended the Irish Aid Our World Awards Regional Final last Thursday 21st May in the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork.
Our 5th Class project Caring For Our World (which included a hugely successful open day and appearance on RTE ‘s News2Day!) was selected in the top 60 projects from hundreds of entries.
Three representatives from 5th class attended the ceremony with Ms Hearne and Ms Phelan.

(Personal accounts from Grace, Evan and Orla to follow!)


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Following an entertaining and fun ceremony, the three finalists were announced and Glór na Mara was included in that list!!!! So our school, along with only eleven other schools, will participate in the Our World Irish Aid Awards National Final on 16th June in Dublin Castle!

All here at Glór na Mara are so proud of the hard work and enthusiasm shown by the 5th class pupils in taking on and embracing the challenges of this project. Attending the celebrations in Dublin Castle is a well deserved reward for all their efforts! Well done to all involved.

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Before the Easter holidays, 2nd class planted some sunflower seeds. We have been looking after them every day in school. We take turns watering them and we are making sure they get plenty of sunshine by keeping them on our windowsill. Some of our plants are almost 70 cm long. You can even see them from the road! So next time you’re passing, have a peek in at our plants!


















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Visit from The Art Hand

On Wednesday the 29th of April, 6th class worked on a piece of art representing the beach in Tramore, the materials used were sparkly sequins, miniature beads from a company called Recreate, buttons, sand, glitter and lots of glue. The Art Hand had come in to help, the two 6th classes, design and make the piece of art. The end results are terrific, sparkly, impressive etc. the best part is that everyone enjoyed it, including The Art Hand A.K.A  Miranda.








Thursday-Active schools week & No uniform day!

On Thursday the 30th of April, 6th class had their own No uniform day, and lots of people brought in two euro put toward funding for the Oceanics Surf school water safety training, it was also Active schools week, so 6th class also got to set up stations, just some of the stations being skipping, target, kick the ball, penalty shoot out and many more. The 6th classes, helped the junior & senior infants, and first class have loads of fun and play all day, well, nearly all day.









Friday-6th class cake sale

6th class had a big cake sale, in their classroom, both the 6th classes worked hard, to bake many a cake, muffin, cookie ect. the two 6th classes sold loads of stuff to loads of different classes. Which by the looks of it all the classes enjoyed, it was a bit of work, but it payed off, and the money raised is from this crazy week is a total of 469euro and 5 cents, which is going toward Oceanics Surfing and water safety training.





By: Alyssa Walshe (6th Class)

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Here in fourth class we are working very hard to improve our Irish. When learning about Bia, we had a breakfast morning where we could only speak Irish. We had toast, cereal, fruit, orange juice and even smoothies! It was a great day.

Dé hAoine, bhí mé ag ithe bricfeasta ar scoil. D’ith mé calóga arbhair agus d’ól mé sú oráiste agus d’ith mé tósta. Is maith liom banana agus is maith liom caoineog.
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Yesterday we went baking. I was working with Charlie. We made chocolate oatmeal biscuits. We also decorated biscuits with icing, sweets and sprinkles. When we were finished baking we went to feed the sheep. They were really cute. I had great fun.

By Conor