Great credit must go to 5th class and Senior Infants for their wonderful performances for all the pupils and families of those involved. A huge amount of dedication and practice went into the preparation for the show. During the summer term, members of 5th class ‘buddied up’ with Senior Infants and taught them drumming skills, techniques and rhythms.
All the musicians and performers did themselves very proud and they served up a lively and entertaining show in St.Joseph’s Hall. Apart from various types of drums and other percussion instruments there was fabulous dancing and singing on display by the very talented children.
It was a great way to end what was a productive and fun school year. Well done to all the Glór na Mara musicians!


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IMG-20150623-WA0014 “On Tuesday we had a barbeque with our copper hunt money, we had 140 euro to spend. We donated 20 euro to Down Syndrome Ireland when we went to the beach with senior infants and had ice-cream.

Ms. Hearne went and bought meat, sausages’, burger buns and hotdog buns in the shop. We also got bubbles, we had a music area and penalty shoot outs. We had 3 drink options they were Pepsi, fanta and seven up. We had it after big break. The options to put in the burger were tomatoes, cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad from the garden and radish. There was also hotdogs. We had a great day”.

by Emma and Lauren




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Ms Hearne’s 5th Class were delighted to attend the Our World Irish Aid Awards National Final on 16th June in Dublin Castle. We were one of only 12 schools to attend out of over 12oo schools that initially entered! The whole school community are so proud of 5th Class and their efforts in reaching the final. Read some first hand accounts of a truly memorable day.



“Tuesday the 16/6/15 our class went up to Dublin to the Irish Aid awards in Dublin Castle. We went on a long bus ride and when we got there we had a look around then we had our lunch, there were loads of tours in Dublin Castle as well.

Then we went in to the modern part of Dublin Castle and we dropped in our bags to the cloakroom and we got food, then we went playing with all the activities like drums, a big globe and a big chess board which was really fun. Then we went in to the exhibition room and all the projects were in there and we looked at all of them. It was then awards time and we were the last row in the audience and we were the last to go on stage and get our award.

The host was really funny and his name was Tom O Donald. He made all of do a dance for him and we did one side of the audience against the other. Then we learnt a song in Swahili and a dance from a man called Michael from Tanzania and we all had to sing and dance to his song.

The rose of Tralee was there as well and talked and said that she was so amazed that we got here and that she did not get this far in anything when she was younger. Then the Minister for Foreign Affairs had a few words and said that he was so proud of us. We did not win but we didn’t not mind because we are in the top 12 schools in Ireland and after that we came home”. By Christopher




“On Tuesday June the 16 2015 our class won a place in the National Finals of the Our World Irish Aid Awards. We were the only school in Waterford to go to the National Finals. Out of 1200 schools we were chosen, wow! The bus trip was very long but we got there safely.

We had lunch,  then we went around to the exhibitions which were very good then we got to play on some games that were there. Other schools were there as well. Then we got to see the performances they were amazing. A man called Michael taught us a song Hujambo that was very good. We did a little dance from Taylor Swift song Shake it off. We also met Charlie Flannagan the Minister of Foreign Affairs and he also gave a little speech about how important Irish Aid is and how our solutions helped developing countries.

Then we also met Maria The Rose of Tralee who taught us how to wave with our fingers pushed together like celebrities! We took a picture with the Minister Charlie Flannigan. After that they announced the winners and the winners were Vicarstown school and  I was really happy for them.  Even though we didn’t win we were still happy though, we got back at 6:45”. By Abigail

20150616_120920 20150616_141040

“Me, Ms Hearne, Mr O’ Sullivan, Ms Dalton, Ms Phelan and my whole class and Amy from the other 5th (she represented walk to school project) all went to Dublin for the Our World Irish Aid Awards National Final. On the way to Dublin on the bus we played cards, talked, sang, slept, drew and wrote stories. Our bus driver Garry kindly brought us to Dublin in the bus and we are very thankful to him. When we arrived in Dublin we were all so excited, we walked out of the bus and went to Dublin Castle it was such a beautiful place. Its massive and very designed and  it also has lots of statues on the building. We were all so hungry so we ate our lunch on the benches. When we were finished eating we entered the Irish Aid building which was a very loud place with all the people inside, outside was much quieter than inside the building. We gave our lunches to the staff so they would take care of them. Then we got bags from them with some healthy lunch, we got some fruits, drinks, bars and some sandwiches. When we finished we looked at the other projects and then we played with some stuff and after we took our seats and watched other schools perform shows. We also learned a song in Swahili.

Then we got our trophies and medals and got our pictures taken with Charlie Flannigan. Unfortunately we didn’t win but we had great fun participating in the Irish Aid Awards and getting to the final. And when our school name was called out we were all very happy and excited”. By Katherine

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Last week we had such a fun learning day outdoors! The first thing we did to start our adventure was we introduced ourselves to Grace. We discovered Grace is a past pupil of our school and is a great inspiration to our Green Team. In fact she was a Greenpeace activist and even went to the Antarctic to save our environment! She was a lifeguard, a champion surfer and a member of the lifeboat crew! She is an ecologist which means she knows lots about plants and animals. We thought she was clever, kind, intelligent and funny

We set off on our quest around the community. We saw the church, Grace’s favourite trees  and we said good morning to everyone we met along the way.  Grace told us the story about the haunted well near the pier. There were lots of beautiful trees there. It was a bit spooky. We went to the pier, met fishermen and studied plants called the bird’s foot. We learned about crabs. We saw the red velvet swimming crab. Grace told us all about the different crabs that were in the crab trap. It was fun when we were releasing them!

At the RNLI lifeboat station we met some of the crew. Mrs Clancy had to put on a onsie which is like a babygrow and a drysuit as quickly as possible.  We started laughing when our teacher’s head got stuck in the drysuit. She would need to speed up if she wanted to join the crew! Hopefully some of us will join when we grow up.


We had fun having lunch in the Doneraile looking over Tramore Bay. We saw the Seahorse monument and we could see the Metal Man.

In the rockpools on the beach we found crabs and seaweed. Grace picked some seaweed and poured some boiling water over it. Guess what happened? It went from brown to green and some gel appeared on the seaweed. We put it in our hair and we created some really cool hairstyles! Shane’s was the best!

We finshed off making creatures from sand. There were turtles, jellyfish, dolphins, crabs, fish and an octopus. Soon it was time for the long walk up the hill to school. It felt like climbing Mount Everest after our long day! It was a really lovely day!

By Kira, Harry and Ellen on behalf of 3rd class





On Friday the 12th of June Glór na Mara took part in a fundraiser for Down Syndrome Ireland. We had an “Ice Cream Funday”. All the money raised will go towards the work of Down Syndrome Ireland. The children had great fun and there was a real party atmosphere on the day. Looking forward to next year’s event already!


















































































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1st class Mr Ó Cathasaigh
1st class Ms Dineen
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We would like to thank all the boys and girls in 6th class for organising our Sports Day. Great fun was had by all!!!





































































































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On our school tour we went to Ardmore Adventure Centre. When we arrived the leaders told us their names which were Josh, Killian, Ronan and Patrick.They were really excited because it was a nice day. First we went exploring rock pools with Josh. We found crabs, cool rocks and mussels .When we came back to the centre we did team building with Killian. We played lots of fun games. My favourite game was snatch the bottle. Next we went rock climbing with Ronan. He was the most epic. I got to the top lots of times even when I was blindfolded. We also had races on the climbing wall. Lastly we did archery with Patrick. He was really good at it. I was on the winning team, the Quacklans.  I loved our school tour.

By Cian





































20150611_092107There is going to be a fantastic harvest of Glór na Mara this year!

Pupils have been busy growing lots of different vegetables in their classrooms and we are starting to see the results outside.

Raised beds are quickly filling with vegetables that have been planted inside, hardened off and transplanted.  Keep your eyes open for our large array of herbs in the school garden. We love the smell and taste of fennel, coriander, parsley, chives, dill, mint, sage, thyme and peppermint.

Our lettuce heads are growing fast sewn from seed we saved from our lettuce plants last autumn. Carrots and potato are shooting up (and under) in tyres and recycled coffee sacks.

Peas,  beans and tomato plants are climbing the walls and windows of classrooms throughout the school.

See if you can spot broccoli, dwarf beans, beetroot, onions , courgettes, leeks, pumpkins  and strawberries around our garden! We also have some new scarecrows to frighten away our feathered friends!



























Our Walk on Wednesday Campaign!

Our Mr. O’ Sullivan’s 5th Class had a Walk On Wednesday campaign to encourage more children to walk to school.

We made ‘Walk to School’ posters in groups, one for each class in the school! It was lots of fun, especially when we added our favourite Disney characters to the picture! Some of the class also wrote their own lyrics, and with the drums in the background, it sounded fantastic!

After lots of practising, when the bell rang for the end of the school day, classes gathered round to listen to the music we had created. We did this every day at the end of the day and occasionally changed the tune. We’re sure that we got the tune into people’s heads, because a lot more children began walking to school!

After all that work, the fun still hadn’t ended! We worked together in groups to come up with ideas for mini plays to present to the other classes. The mini plays had, of course, a ‘walk to school’ theme, so we checked in the costume cupboard for costumes and outfits that might fit the roles and personalities of the characters in our plays. We found lots of suitable options, and practised for a long time before we perfected the plays.

Finally, when we were ready, we went down to the school hall to show the classes our hard work. The plays turned out to be a success, and the children (and even the teachers!) seemed to have enjoyed watching them! Now I am going to talk about the benefits of walking to school.

If you walk to school it benefits you by health, money and lots of other things. It gives you fresh air which awakes your brain, which makes you more alert for the morning’s lessons. It also saves petrol, which means saving your money. You will be more energetic and fit too, if you walk to school every day.

By Julie Clancy, Mr. O’ Sullivan’s 5th Class