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Well done to everyone today!!  We have raised €662 for Temple Street Childrens Hospital.  Thank you for your generosity.

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On Thursday 11/10/15 the mayor came to Tramore. He came to visit our school. He was

wearing a nice robe with a medallion around his neck. All the children were happy to see

him. He was there to give twenty children a certificate for not missing a day of school last

year. All the children then went to the hall to get their picture taken. During his speech he

asked us to treat people the same and don’t treat people differently. It was a beautiful day for

Glór na Mara.

By Scott Power, 5th class





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We got some cotton buds and agar plates.  We rubbed the cotton buds in all sorts of places like the bathrooms, door handles, computers and phones.  We even tested Mr O’Mahoney’s watch!!!  We rubbed the cotton buds into the agar inside the petri dishes, we sealed them up and we waited…….  After a week, we checked the petri dishes.  As expected, some had grown a little bacteria but thankfully most of the petri dishes passed with flying colours!!!



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Both Ms. Britton’s and Mrs Clancy’s 3rd classes have been learning chess.  We brought in the experts from 6th class for a little coaching!



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Last week we made owls.  Our teacher handed out fabric and we cut it up into small pieces.  We stuck it onto the pattern of the owl.  We used buttons to make the eyes.  When we finished sticking the fabric, we cut them out and our teacher, Ms. Britton, hung them up outside our classroom.

We want to say a big thanks to Sonya Walsh from Redhaus who donated lots of fabric books to our school.  We are having great fun with them.

By Ronan O’Toole, Ms Britton’s 3rd class




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We got some clay and rolled it into a ball.  We used our thumbs to pinch the clay into the shape of a pot.  We got some matchsticks to make the shape of the eyes and the face.  We left them to dry over the weekend and when we came back on Monday, they were ready to paint.  We are going to put a candle into them and take them home for Halloween.  we can’t wait!

By Leah Brennan, Ms Britton’s 3rd Class



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We wrote letters for George. He came to take the chicks and bring them back to his farm. We were sad to see the chicks go. We liked minding them in our school.


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Ms. Dineen’s 1st Class took the iPads out and about last week in search of signs of Autumn in Glór na Mara. We took lots of photos and shared them on Twitter using the hashtag #AnFomhar. The Signs of Autumn 2015 Twitter Project was organised by @SeomraRanga and many schools across the country took part. 92 schools and teachers took part in the project, posting almost 400 Tweets over the course of the week. There was a great variety of stories, observations, images, photographs, videos all recording the arrival of Autumn 2015. Lots of classes posted images of Autumn-themed work that they were doing in the classroom, some of which were really creative and imaginative. All of the Tweets (including ours!) that had the #anfomhar hashtag over the last week have been included in the transcript which can be viewed HERE It is well worth reading.

We got a certificate for taking part! Follow us on Twitter for more 1st Class news. We are @MsDineensClass


Wayne O’Connor is an illustrator and story teller. We were so lucky to see him in Tramore library last week. He drew pictures, and told stories from Roald Dahl’s book ‘Revolting Rhymes’. But, most of all, he was really funny and made us all laugh!

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The students of Glór na Mara are continuing to work hard as part of their Green Schools initiative. The pupils in Fourth Class know how important it is to study and look after the different plants and animals that we have in our school environment. They took part in a ‘leaf hunt’ in order to investigate the different types of trees that are growing in our school.

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We really love science here in Glór na Mara. Fourth Class were inspired by the recent visit of a hot air balloon to our school. We decided to create our very own parachutes! We used lots of different materials that you’d find around your home. Take a look at some of our creations.

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2016 will be the 100-year anniversary of when the people of Ireland bravely fought for independence, or, in other words, ‘The 1916 Rising.’ To remember this very special time in the history of Ireland many events are planned for the coming year

On Wednesday 30th of September, two soldiers from the Irish Army came to visit Glór na Mara! They arrived in full uniform and looked so smart.The whole school gathered in the playground and we listened to the soldiers telling us about our national flag. It was a very exciting and special day as they presented us with our very own Irish flag. Every primary school in Ireland will raise their own flag at exactly midday on March the 15th, 2016.

One of our 6th pupils read the fourth paragraph from the Proclamation of the Republic of Ireland. The whole school then sang the Irish National Anthem, Amhrán na bhFiann. We asked the soldiers questions about the Irish Army and looked at all the medals on their uniform. It was a very exciting day.
Next year is going to be very special for the people of Ireland. We are all looking forward to learning lots about our history!

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We’ve been minding some eggs for George from Nore Valley Park as part of the incubator project.  One of the eggs hatched today to huge egg-citement.  We’re so glad to be involved in such an (ahem) egg-shell-ent project!

You can see the chicks live by following this link…