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20151118_121256On the 18th of November 2015 Yamada San came from the Japanese Embassy in Dublin to Tramore, just to visit the schools! And luckily Glor Na Mara was one of those schools.

Ms. Hearne’s 5th Class performed a traditional Japanese song ‘The Frog Song’. Yamada San recognised the song and sang along with the 5th class!



He showed us different pictures and videos of sports, food, Japanese culture, traditions, weather, clothes and seasons. He gave us quizzes about the topic of Japan! Whoever guessed right was rewarded a prize from Japan! He taught us basic greetings in Japan, for example ohayo means good morning and arigato means thank you.



20151118_111953He told us Japan’s population was over 130,000,000 which is 28 times Ireland’s population which is 4.6 million! He told us that the 2019 rugby world cup will be held from in Tokyo.

Filip from Ms. Hearne’s 5th class told us about a Japanese myth named ‘tsunami’ and it is about a tsunami that hits Japan, when a father and son save the whole village by sending them a signal, (he warned them by lighting a cottage on fire). Once the people of the village saw the house on fire the father and his son shouted ‘‘GET TO THE TOP OF THE HILL, THERE IS A TSUNAMI COMING!’’ and that is the myth of the tsunami that hit Japan.


Yamada San left us some Japanese books that left us with some other interesting facts about Japan. When Yamada San was finished telling us about Japan he showed us a quick animation which was about Japan after a tsunami hits the country and an old man replants all of the crops that were destroyed. The name of the animation is ‘Blossom’. After he showed us this 5 minute animation he went off to the other schools.



Hopefully Yamada San had a good time visiting Glor na Mara, we really enjoyed his visit and enjoyed learning about how interesting Japan is. After his presentation most of the people who saw it now want to go to Japan to see its traditions and culture (even the teachers!).
By James Larkin and Hillary Dumevi.

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On Friday 20th November, the students from Mr Cullinane’s 6th class displayed their projects on the Sea Horse disaster, which happened almost two hundred years ago on the 30th January 1816.

Students presented their work to Ms O’ Naughton’s 5th class, telling them the story of the fateful voyage through their work.

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image (5)On Friday the 16th of October Ms.McCarthy’s and Mr.Cullinane’s sixth classes went to the LafcadioHearn garden exhibition and the Doneraile walk Tramore. The exhibition was held in the Coast Guard Station. It was very interesting and there was loads of information about Lafcadio Hearn’s life. We learned loads about him like when he came to Tramore and why. We did a quiz about Lafcadio Hearn and we got biscuits.

After the exhibition we went to the Doneraile walk. We saw two cannons from the Crimenean War on the walk. One of the cannons was in the back of someone’s garden! Then we saw the Seahorse memorial stone with some of the names and ages of the people that died on the ship in 1816. There was great views of the bay from the Doneraile .

After the Doneraile walk we went to the Christ Church to see the memorial grave of where the soldiers on board the Seahorse are remembered. The statue to remember them was very tall and had some stuff written on it.

Over all it was a great and fun day out and we learned loads.

By Rory and Jack from Ms.McCarthy’s 6th class.

The girls taking notes on the story of the Stone Mason for their projects!The girls taking notes on the story of the Stone Mason for their projects!


Liam enjoying a book at the exhibition.

Liam enjoying a book at the exhibition

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Maths week 2015
On Monday the 11th October2015, the two 6th classes went to WIT and we had great fun with Dr. Humble also known as Dr. Maths.We learned about the history of maths.We also got to learn about our very own skills that we can go home and show our family. We got to learn card tricks,number tricks and missingnumber tricks. These tricks have been used for a few thousand years.
Did you know that maths week first started in Waterford 10 years ago? Did you know Pythagoras killed someone for putting fractions into his maths formula? We learned lots more interesting facts. The presentation by Dr. Humble was interactive and interesting. One of the stuff he told us was our personality but the person who came up with this is a little crazy! The way to find it out would be to add the numbers of your date of birth. This is an example Oriana was born on the 16/12/2003 meaning Oriana would put it like this:1+6+1+2+2+0+0+3=15=1+5=6 which means romantic. You can do this yourself as well. 

Written by: Oriana & Orla (Rang 6)

Ms.Mcarthy's 6th class take their buddies from Ms.Power's class on a maths trail for Maths Week!

Ms.Mcarthy’s 6th class take their buddies from Ms.Power’s class on a maths trail for Maths Week!



The two 6th classes have a master class with Dr.Maths in WIT!

The two 6th classes have a master class with Dr.Maths in WIT!

image3 (1)


6th Class solving problems and puzzles at their Maths Fair for Maths Week!

6th Class solving problems and puzzles at their Maths Fair for Maths Week!


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On the day of our mid-term break we had a quiz down in the hall. Both four classes joined together for the quiz. We were put into teams of four, two from Ms. Mulligan’s class and two from Ms. Walsh’s class on each team. It was great fun but it was difficult also. When it came to the end our group finished on 29 points and so did another team. We thought we were going to lose but when it came to the last question we knew the answer. The question was “what is the name of the Irish national anthem?” And we all knew it was Amhrán na bhFiann. We had loads of fun. It was a great day.

By Joe

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