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The Sea horse

This week the people of Tramore are commemorating the 200th  anniversary of the Sea horse tragedy. The transport ship was wrecked during a storm. 363 men, women and children died.

Pupils in our school worked on projects, sketches, models, games, Minecraft videos, poems, Scratch projects and great diaries, collages, letters and stories. Some did class and group projects.  Others did independent work.

Lots of our projects are being displayed in the Coast Guard Station, Tramore. Our class did a replica of the Sea horse.  We made it from recyclables from Recreate. We then painted it with copper and brown coloured paint.

Others made the Seahorse with Lego, paper, clay, wood that floats and lots more. In our school we made a large range of amazing and artistic things that we took our time with. A teacher in Glór Na Mara called Mr. O’Cathsaigh composed a song about the Seahorse and we all sang it while he played his guitar. The song tells the story very well, so we used the lyrics of the song to get information for our projects and poems.

Why don’t you treat yourself to a visit the Coastguard Cultural Centre and see our work displayed! It will be there until February 10th.  Let us know what you think of our work!

By: Kahla, Niamh and Jessica

An interview with Kevin power

Kevin interviewed us for a documentary about the Sea horse. We designed a Scratch programme. It was great. He asked us lots of questions. One question was “Did you learn anything that you didn’t know before you started this project?”. We did actually. We both didn’t know that people tried to swim out to help the people on the ship.

It wasn’t just us he interviewed. There were three other fantastic projects too. Kevin is filming a documentary on the Sea horse and we really want to see it. We both hope it’s a big hit. We made our project on Scratch. We were both really nervous about being interviewed. We explained all the steps we took to make our project and how the coding worked. We also created a time lapse recording of our project.

It was a great experience and we learned a lot about our local history and scratch programming in the process.

Darragh Walsh and Andrew Richards

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The First and Second Classes (and everyone else in the school, pretty much) has been learning about the wreck of The Seahorse in the run up to the bicentenary on the 30th of January.  We took a walk to see some of the physical artifacts of the time and also to get a good view of the bay where it happened.  Thanks to our 1st and 2nd Class students for writing this report!


On Monday 11th January we went walking on the Doneraile Walk. On our way we saw the Coast Guard Station. Next we saw the Tomb Stone remembering The Seahorse. There were 393 people on board the Seahorse and 363 people died when the ship sank. Nobody is buried underneath this tomb stone. Our teachers took a photo of us and our class in front of the stone.


Next we moved on and we saw the canon and we looked out at the sea. We saw The Metalman. The Metalman was built to remind sailors to keep away from the rocks. The message the Metalman has is ‘Keep out Good Ship, Keep out from me, For I am the rock of misery.’ Brownestown head has two pillars to warn the ships of the rocks there too.


We then stopped at the Church of Ireland Church. We saw The Seahorse Memorial there too. Mr. Ó Cathasaigh and Ms. Dreelan gave us loads of information about it .