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On May 19th Ellie, James and Zack went on a trip to Cork with our two lovely teachers Ms.Hearne and Ms.Phelan to represent the school and our class mates for the Our World Irish Aid regional finals. When we got to Cork we registered ourselves and our project, but, we were around 30 mins early so we went to the historical English Market and Ellie, James and Zack got some chocolate fudge cake and water and our two lovely teachers got a scone and coffee.

When the 30 mins was over, we got back to the Triskel Arts Centre to show some other teachers our project, then we got seated and a person from Irish Aid called Michael taught us a dance and a song in Swahili. Then a guy named Tom taught us another dance. After we learned the great dance we went back to our stations for a while and then we were called back up to the stage and the plaques were awarded to all the schools for getting as far as they did.

After the plaques were handed out Tom announced the three national finalists that were going to Dublin and Glor Na Mara were one of the names announced! The excitement of the three representatives and our two lovely teachers was astonishing because we had not just got to the regional’s we had qualified for the nationals in Dublin Castle! After all the excitement we were led out on to the grass and got our picture taken by a photographer and after the pictures we were interviewed by a man called David and we were questioned by a girl from Irish Aid called Shannon. After the interview we went back to the English Market and we got some strawberries and Oreo cake and then walked back to the car and went on the one and a half hour trip back to school.

Our day in Cork was un-imaginary. When we first arrived we were nervous and excited all at the same time! We thought that only girls could multi-task!!!

Then we had a bit of a trip to the English Market for a bit of lunch (lunch was tasty!!!) truthfully it wasn’t lunch it was cake!

We encourage other children to take part in the Our World Irish Aid Awards because it is nice to know about other people in the world and think how lucky we are and then to help each other and promote the SDGs!

When we heard that Glor na Mara were heading to the finals in Dublin we were on cloud 9!! (And we are pretty sure the teachers were too!)

By: Ellie, James and Zack

5th Class

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Our annual May Procession took place today in glorious sunshine.  The 2nd classes were accompanied by family and teachers as they processed around the school back to the playground where they were joined by the rest of the classes and many friends and family.  A big thank you to Sr. Catherine for organising the event once again this year.  And a special word of thanks to all of the family members who came to help celebrate with the children of 2nd class.

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On Tuesday 10th May, we went to Kilkenny; we were going to get our sixth green flag for global citizenship, litter and waste. In our school and class room we learned and promoted the UN Global Goals. We ran campaigns like Walk to school, No waste day and Good Health Day. In our class we focussed on the SDG 13 Climate Action and SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing.

It was a rainy day. We were all excited for the day .When we arrived at Hotel Kilkenny, it was huge. We parked the car and went into the lobby. We saw many other schools from Waterford and Kilkenny. We went down stairs to find many tables. We sat down and had lunch and dessert. The meal was very nice. We then went upstairs to receive our sixth green flag. We got our picture taken with the tree of hope. Then we sat down. There were many schools there from Waterford and Kilkenny. When we were called up we got our sixth green flag. We felt proud to get to go up and represent our school by taking the flag and receive a flag for global citizenship. We had a great day.

By Mia & Scott  5th class






























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Well done to all 4th, 5th and 6th class students for their amazing research projects and art works celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.


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