Old photographs of Tramore

Filed Under (3rd Class, 4th Class, History, Parents) by Ms. Dreelan on 18-01-2018

Mr. Frank O’Donoghue and Mr. Andy Kelly, co-authors of a recent book on Tramore, visited the Third and Fourth classes on Wednesday 17 January. They showed the children a slideshow of over twenty old photographs of Tramore. Many of the photographs were taken around 1900. Andy brought in a camera from the 1890s, and explained how it works (it still works!). Andy and Frank pointed out details in the photographs and mentioned interesting facts about Tramore. They also kindly gave two copies of their book to the school.

We encourage the children from Third and Fourth classes to recreate an old photograph. They can use any of the photos included in the gallery below (image credits included on each photo). Otherwise the boys and girls are welcome to choose another old photo – that they have permission to use – in a recognisable part of Tramore. We hope to create an exhibition of all of these photos – old alongside present day photos. Get snapping!

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