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Mr. Frank O’Donoghue and Mr. Andy Kelly, co-authors of a recent book on Tramore, visited the Third and Fourth classes on Wednesday 17 January. They showed the children a slideshow of over twenty old photographs of Tramore. Many of the photographs were taken around 1900. Andy brought in a camera from the 1890s, and explained how it works (it still works!). Andy and Frank pointed out details in the photographs and mentioned interesting facts about Tramore. They also kindly gave two copies of their book to the school.

We encourage the children from Third and Fourth classes to recreate an old photograph. They can use any of the photos included in the gallery below (image credits included on each photo). Otherwise the boys and girls are welcome to choose another old photo – that they have permission to use – in a recognisable part of Tramore. We hope to create an exhibition of all of these photos – old alongside present day photos. Get snapping!

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On 15 December, Mr. Noel Power visited Glór na Mara. Every year he works with a team and builds the crib in the church. The team start work on the first Sunday in December, and the crib is unveiled at midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Noel described the Holy Land at the time of Christ’s birth and showed the children a map. He also spoke about the history of the Holy Cross crib. The crib is made from local materials: moss from the Comeragh mountains, reeds from a bog four miles away and limestone, bushes and pines from the Tramore area. There are twenty seven wooden figures remaining in the crib, and they are made out of Austrian oak. From time to time, Noel and his team have to repair the figures which are over 120 years old.

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Third and Fourth Classes were swapping teachers so that they could do plenty of experiments for Science Week.

Experiment 1: Bacteria (Ms. Britton)
Children collected samples from around the school and watched as bacteria grew in sealed agar plates. Ugh!

Experiment 2: Myself (Ms. Dreelan)
Children investigated some scientific facts about themselves. They took fingerprints, found out which is their dominant eye and investigated the blind spot in their eyes.

Experiment 3: Lava Lamp (Ms. Fitzpatrick)
Children experimented to see how oil, water, food colouring and an Alka Seltzer tablet can be changed by mixing.

Experiment 4: Colour Walking (Ms. O’Neachtain)
Children investigated to see how ink separates into constituent colours by putting marker on blotting paper.

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On the 24th of May, my class and I went to W.I.T. (Waterford Institute of Technology). The reason we went was because it was Biodiversity Week in W.I.T. We arrived by coach with the other 4th class. We all went into the auditorium with two other schools. The room was buzzing with excitement as we were going to meet the great bird expert Eric Dempsey himself! We learned many interesting facts about multiple birds.For example, did you know that a barn owl can fly silently thanks to it’s special feathers? Or that the quetzal and widow bird have the longest tails of all birds. He also showed us a real barn owl wing, two goldfinch wings and lots of feathers. Some of the feathers were very big like the swan’s feather, and some were very small like the robin’s feather. We learned many facts and when we got back, we were all in agreement that we had a fantastic trip meeting Eric Dempsey.

Lexi, 4th Class
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Spring is here! The students in 4th class used recycled milk cartons to plant daffodil bulbs. Take a look!!