Rang 5 organised a Team Building Challenge course in the yard to celebrate Friendship Week. After careful planning, they set up eight different stations in the yard. Each station had a different challenge which required the children to work as a team, co-operate and communicate. The children from Rang 2 -Rang 6 had a great time and really put in a huge effort to work as a team. Well done to Rang 5 for doing a fantastic job explaining each activity and encouraging all classes to work as a team.

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Rang 6

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What kind of ship can never sink?

We’ve been celebrating Friendship Week in Rang 1.  Here are some of the things we have been getting up to:

We buddied up with kids from Ms. O’Riordan’s Junior Infants.  We played on their yard with them at breaktime.  We made Polydrons with them, we did floor jigsaws with them, we did shared reading with them and built blocks with them.  Tomorrow, we can bring a toy to play with them.  We painted a huge ‘Friendship’ with them and stuck on pictures of us with our buddies.

Reading with our Buddies

We did some other things as well.  We picked out Secret Buddies from a tin – someone in our class.  We have to be nice to them, but we can’t tell them that they’re our Secret Buddy.  Tomorrow, we’ll have three guesses to see who our Secret Buddy was.

We’re learning a song as well – it’s called ‘You’ve got a Friend’ and it was written by Carol King.

Tomorrow, the teachers are playing ‘Mister and Missus’ – Mr.Ó Cathasaigh has to answer questions about Ms. McCarthy to see how much he knows about her.  He’s scared 😛

Alana says:  “I like my buddy.  Her name is Róisín.”
Ellen says:  “Friendship Week was fun!”
Joe says:  “My buddy’s name is Daniel – he’s good at reading!”
Darragh says:  “It was sooo fantastic!”

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Everyone in our class has a pen-pal from Belfast. We tell them about ourselves and our favourite colours and favourite bands and our families. We tell them about our favourite animals and all about Tramore and our school. We tell them our favourite subjects. We sent a picture to them of the whole class holding up letters saying “Hello Mrs. Durkan’s P.5 class”. By Natalia and Julie

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I would like to sincerely thank Garda Trish Lonergan and Garda Áine Mullins for visiting the school during our Friendship Week, which took place from Monday February 18th to Friday February 22nd. Garda Lonergan and Garda Mullins spoke to the 5th and 6th class children on Tuesday 19th. On Thursday 21st they gave a Powerpoint presentation for parents in the Edmund Rice Hall from 7.00p.m. Thank you very much to the parents who attended. For those who were unable to attend please click on the link below to view the presentation.