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We have been learning about the properties of regular and irregular 2-D shapes: squares, rectangles, ovals, circles, triangles, hexagons, and semi-circles.

In our groups, we made creatures using 2-D shapes.

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Ms. Dreelan’s 3rd Class created Maths puzzles in groups of three, pairs or individually.

The 3rd Class children then challenged Mr. Ó Cathasaigh’s class to see if they could answer their puzzles. 5th Class found many of the puzzles tricky!

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On Monday we went to w.i.t to do some maths. The man showed us how to do some tricks with cards and some paper. People came up to do some tricks with cards and Roisin came up and had to solve a card trick. He told us a story about a sad camel.

On the way back Oskar and Tadhg were singing banana bus on the bus.

– by Stephen, Oskar & Alexis


Last Monday we went to W.I.T for maths week. There was a man that came from England and he was telling us about the sad camel story. He showed us a lot of card tricks. He was telling us about degrees on a compass and we had to turn north south west east and guess how many degrees we were moving. From north to east is 90 degrees and we had so much fun.

– by Sean, Emma & Jessica


On Monday the 13/10/14 we went to w.i.t on the bus. At 9:30 we left. We finally got there.

We went inside. We can smell the food.

Four other schools were there.   A man came and taught us fun maths. He showed us card tricks and paper tricks.

We had a great time. We went back on the bus and went back to school.

– by David & Kahla