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We have been learning about Egypt and the Ancient Egyptians. We made pyramids using cocktail sticks and marshmallows!

For fun, we got together in our literacy groups and we challenged eachother to see who could make the tallest tower. Group 1 won – their tower measured 30cm in height! Well done Helenka, Isaac, Christopher and April!

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We were invited to Quish’s Super Valu  to meet with Niamh, a dietician who works with Super Troopers.  She told us all about the new food pyramid and explained all about healthy foods to us.  Then, she brought us around the shop and offered us lots of tasty foods to try.  It was a great outing!



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Over the last number of months Sixth Class has been bringing the world into their classroom through their participation in the Our World Irish Aid Awards. They have worked extremely hard throughout the school and community to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the work of Irish Aid in developing countries. Furthermore they have been encouraging people in their school and community to make small changes in their own lives to make the world a better, fairer, safer and cleaner place for all its citizens. We are so proud of all their efforts and know that the world is in safe hands with these students as our global ambassadors and future leaders! Well done to all!

Have a look at the Sixth Class’ journey from learning about the SDGs to becoming leaders for active global citizenship in their community! Created by Rory and Laurie.


Click on the following link to vote for your favourite superhero! Voting ends Tuesday 4th April!

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As part of our promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals, we ran a competition throughout the school to find Glór na Mara’s Sustainable Superheroes for 2017! All classes from second to sixth participated in creating these inspirational characters and now you can vote for your favourite superhero!

Watch the video link to meet Glór na Mara’s Sustainable Superheroes and get voting below!


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The holiday calendar for the current school year is available to download in our “Downloads” section:

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On Tuesday 21st of June the two 6th classes took part in a cycling expedition to Carrigavantry Lake.  I’m sure all will agree that this was one of the highlights of the year.  After cycling through Knockenduff, we went off road over some very bumpy tracks until we reached the beautiful Carrigavantry Lake.  After a short break,  those who were brave enough took on the muddy challenge which was the bridal path, before undertaking the reverse trip home to Glór na Mara.  I’m sure you will agree from the photos that a mad, muddy and magnificent time was has by all!


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Ms Britton’s and Ms. Hearne’s classes worked together on a “Kindness in Waterford” competition.  Ms Hearne’s class created a powerpoint presentation which they presented to each class.  It included examples of ways we can show random acts of kindness to each other and a wonderful moment of mindfulness which two class members did with all class groups.  They sent updates on the progress of the project via twitter and facebook.  Ms Britton’s class composed and performed a song about kindness in Glór Na Mara.

The combined team effort was a huge success and Glór Na Mara won first place in the Primary School Section, winning a locally hand crafted Buddy Bench for our playground.  Well done everyone!