Green School Project

Glór na Mara was the first school in Tramore to be awarded a Green Flag. Mrs. Claire Musgrave was instrumental in making our Green School the success it is today. A tree planting ceremony appropriately marked the beginning of Glor na Mara’s Green School efforts in October 2002. We are very proud that in the intervening years we have been awarded four Green Flags for our work towards creating a greener world.

To date we have worked on:

  • Waste Management
  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Travel

We are now in the process of aiming for another Green Flag for Biodiversity.

Our efforts are steered by the Green School’s Committee. The committee works hard planning activities, monitoring progress and keeping classes motivated to work towards our next green flag.

From Junior Infants up to 6th Class we:

  • sort and recycle our waste
  • compost our food waste
  • grow vegetables
  • turn off lights to save energy
  • conserve water
  • walk or cycle to school when we can!

Each pupil carries these messages home, helping to make Tramore and our world a greener place.

Glór na Mara is proud to be a Green School!

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